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The client was looking for a partner who could provide resources to augment their development team.

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We supported the client's frontend team. Each of our developers was onboarded through the regular recruitment process. Our developers were a part of the frontend team, ready to support any projects the client was working on. Both of the companies are based in Krakow so we could meet when necessary, however the work was mostly remote.

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The client set the goal to develop a certain number of features to be available for the October 2019 conference. Thanks to our support, the client was able to deliver those features on time.

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Our software house develops complex and sophisticated solutions for a wide range of markets and industries. From e-commerce to platforms integrated with AI and multiple integrations.

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  • Mobile solutions
  • Maintenance
  • UX/UI design
  • Consulting
  • Holistic long-term solutions

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  • “Not afraid of doing even the most difficult tasks and proposing innovative solutions. They don’t avoid challenges, rely on new technologies, and - most importantly - always carry the projects through from the beginning to the end.”

    Adam Bogdan
    Adam Bogdan Python Developer
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