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A powerful price recommendation tool that helps retailers to improve their revenues

Small and medium shops are facing intense competition in the market. The post-pandemic era has caused all retail industries to have the need to use online tools with automatisation systems to compete and survive.

Work with data in real-time has become one of the essential solutions for every company to make better choices. This time, Bravelab comes again with a cutting-edge strategy for Panther Pricing to solve this concept and provide a reliable result for all his clients in Germany.

About Panther Pricing

Panther Pricing is a German company founded in 2018 and based in Frankfurt dedicated to providing innovative online services to boost retailers in Germany.

The idea behind the concept

The plan was to craft a cloud software able to generate automated price recommendations for retailers in Germany. The mission was to allow bricks-and-mortar companies to have no more online sales with negative margin contributions. The platform should generate online benchmark prices for the clients.

Bravelab’s solution


At Bravelab we focus on creating a transparent process where communication between the client and our team is fluid and effective. We fully immerse ourselves in each project, so we can have a comprehensive understanding of the scope and establish the main objectives of the project:

  • Brief
  • Introduction call
  • Discovery Workshops
  • Integral Proposal
  • Decision

“The values that helped were certainly partnership and mastery, thanks to that and our experience, we have fulfilled the client’s expectations.”

Michał - Backend Developer / Bravelab


Scope of work

  • Concept idea and research.
  • User interface and platform design.
  • Platform development.
  • Testing & launch.

Insight numbers

  • 1191 hours invested on app development.
  • Developers assigned to this project:
  • Mateusz - Frontend Developer
  • Michał - Backend Developer
  • Jakub - UX/UI Senior Designer


  • Python
  • PostgreSQL
  • FastAPI
  • SQLAlchemy
  • Vue.js (in frontend)

What we did

  • Bravelab proposed to migrate from the old technology (flask) to the new FastAPI and refactor the current functionality. The goal was to optimize and reduce the technical debt of the application. We also adapted to the new front and accelerate the application.
  • The solution is based on the latest front-end technologies. Panther Pricing has a consistent user interface, and its performance is at a very high level.
  • The main goal and the biggest challenge was to build a library of design patterns, rules, and UX guidelines to prevent inconsistencies when shipping products at scale.

An exceptional interface design

Project Panther was focused on designing a collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards. Thanks to that solution, we can assemble and build any number of applications inside the platform, as well as keep consistency in the entire platform. The product is more than just a pile of reusable UI elements. It has structure and meaning. It’s not a generic web page, it is the embodiment of a system of concepts for sensible usage.

Scalable UI language

“By designing the base, I put effort into quick iteration. This simple source of truth allows for a scalable UI language and streamlined guidelines. Keeping in mind brand touchpoints gives users a predictable experience and the client's central design language.”


Jakub - Senior Designer / Dandelion Studio + Bravelab

The result

Thanks to the full integration of different stages and development stages we have created a powerful platform with the ability to automate 100% price recommendations in real-time using AI. With the Panther Pricing platform, our client helps retailers significantly improve their profit margins and revenues (gross margin increase of up to 5% points of revenues). A perfect integration from research, design, and development brought a platform with the following features:

  • Fully integrated online price labeller.
  • Always up-to-date online market prices available for each item.
  • Ideal online price proposal for exploiting potential.
  • Definable price minima via calculation/coverage margin requirements.
  • Stationary price orientation to the current online price for online price-sensitive product segments or as the strategic positioning of maximum prices (online +X%).

In addition to AI-based sales forecasts, price elasticities, and online competitive pricing, item performance, current inventory levels, lifecycle, and order availability are all equally taken into account.

  • Optimisation of price markdowns.
  • Yield improvement.
  • Liquidity improvement.
  • Simplification of processes and cost reduction.

We are ready to craft your next big project

Our software house develops complex and sophisticated solutions for a wide range of markets and industries. From e-commerce to platforms integrated with AI and multiple integrations.

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