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The app that reimagines handbooks and customer experience after sales

Most companies are moving their traditional handbooks to PDF files or YouTubes videos. However, those solutions are becoming old-style. So, what if we create an app 100% focused to redesign the concept of the handbook? And now imagine the handbook is made for something more complex like drainage systems assembly in the construction industry.

This is what Bravelab did for Galeco’s project to improve customer experience after sales. We reimagined the handbook as an intuitive app where the user interface and mobile apps become the main spot of our solution. Learn more about what we did.

About Galeco

Galeco is an European company based in Poland dedicated to design, engineer, produce and distribute rainwater drainage systems. The company has a reach of operations and sales in 13 countries (Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Moldova, Romania, Iceland, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan).

The idea behind the concept

Another paper handbook? Yeah! The world is full of paper handbooks that in most cases are a waste of money and time and not good for the environment. What Galeco proposed is to do a big jump. It was not only to move handbooks from paper to electronic or download a PDF using a QR code. The strategy was more ambitious, the plan was to create a unique customer experience. So why not create an interactive handbook where customers can see the step by step with 3D models and short video instructions using an app 100% adapted to Galeco and customer needs? Then, the idea came to the Bravelab team.

Which were the main factors that moved Galeco to decide to create this app?

“At Galeco, we wanted to facilitate the work of roofers during the installation of gutters. Their work takes place in the field, usually on the roof. At that time, searching for paper versions of the instructions, or looking for them in general, was a significant obstacle and a waste of time for the contractor. The application available on the smartphone also in the offline version (if there is no Internet on the construction site) allows the roofer to access the instructions at any time, divided into steps and stages.”


Anna Góral - Marketing Specialist / GALECO

Bravelab’s solution

What we did

Galeco consists of a backend application. The backend was made in Django. It is used to manage users, Galeco’s systems and takes care of user authentication. Managers are able to send push notifications. The application was made in React Native - which is an alternative for expensive native app development. It displays systems with particular stages and steps of system assembly. The application allows users to search gutter systems and gives them information about the system. It allows users to watch every step of assembly in 3D videos. The application also makes it possible to download a PFD manual as a complementary option. Moreover, registered users can save the video on their devices and play the installation instructions offline. The graphic design of the application was made in cooperation with

Galeco mobile screen

Scope of the work

  • Concept idea and research.
  • User interface and app design.
  • App development.
  • Testing.
  • Maintenance.

Insight numbers

  • 480 hours invested on app development.
  • 3 Developers assigned to this project.
  • Paweł - Javascript Developer
  • Michał - Backend Developer
  • Jakub - Javascript Developer
Galeco technical case


  • Python
  • Django
  • React Native
  • PostgreSQL
  • Firebase
  • Ubuntu Server (VPS)
  • Docker

An exceptional solution

“Based on the project's assumption we decided to use which allowed us to build one project that runs natively on all mobile platforms. Custom video players and custom notification systems require much more attention to testing.”


Mariusz - CEO / Bravelab

Mariusz Smenżyk

The result

An innovative solution that has boosted Galeco in the market spotlight

“The release of the application with gutter assembly instructions is a novelty for the roofing and construction industries, and we wanted to consider ourselves as a pioneers in the industry. It can therefore be said that the application proves that we think in a modern, future-oriented way and, as Galeco, we are constantly looking for new solutions. We intend to use it to conduct various promotional campaigns that will certainly build the Galeco's brand.”


Anna Góral - Marketing Specialist / GALECO

Anna Goral testimonial

We created an intuitive app

Galeco App has been designed for a very specific group of users. After a deep research process and a top development process we have launched an app that will allow roofers, architects and contractors to speed up their work and avoid unnecessary mistakes during assembling the roof elements. Some essential features that makes Galeco’s app so intuitive are:

screen from the app

"In this project I was responsible for R&D efforts to maximize end user's engagement with Galeco app."


Jakub - Javascript Developer

Offline functionality

In many construction areas where the internet network is low or there are connection problems, this app allows downloading and storing the video instructions at the user’s device. Better than a PDF and less consuming data than opening a YouTube video. Moreover, the app becomes a library of easy-to-access instructions.

"With the application, we are able to download the video into the mobile phones, so that at any time, even in an emergency situation without access to the internet, it is possible to reproduce the assembly instructions."


Paweł - Javascript Developer

Dynamic step-by-step

More than just a PDF instructions guide, this app becomes a powerful tool to know in a few minutes how to assemble multiple pieces using 3D top quality videos that guide users in all steps. Every video has been designed and integrated separately so every detail could be analysed and learned in a few seconds. The interface design is another achievement to make the way to navigate as simple as a couple of touches on the screen.

"Being part of the Galeco's app team made it possible for me to further develop my research and technological development (RTD) skills along with my passion for UX design."


Jakub - Javascript Developer

Galeco application sample screens

Technical advisor concierge

As an improvement on customer experience, the app has included a key function that allows users to connect so fast to the nearest technical advisor. This makes Galeco’s to close the customer experience cycle.

“Making software is about putting client’s ideas into a working app. Project like Galeco is this project where #partnership and #transparency worked perfectly. Brave’s responsibility is to be a Partner for our client. Partner who will put himself in our client’s customers shoes.

That’s why it is worth it to work with us…”


Mariusz - CEO / Bravelab

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