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A platform built in Sanity for the biggest network of roofing wholesalers in Poland

Poland is living in a boom economic era, and the construction industry is at its peak. Many sectors and all size companies are demanding new solutions to expand their business and reach their goals. In this scenario, 4D Grupa comes up with the audacious idea to assemble a network of roofers from all over Poland to cover a niche market.

The ambitious project required designing and developing an intuitive and scalable platform to connect companies in this sector, advertise them, and launch an intuitive interface for potential clients to make wise choices during the product selection process.

About 4D Grupa

4D Grupa is an integrated network of roof wholesalers, which aims to create and develop the strongest brand on the roofing materials distribution market in Poland.

4D Grupa website screens

The idea behind the concept

Our client was looking to implement a new web platform to gather wholesalers from the construction sector in Poland. The new platform must integrate a system to promote the company's members through a perfectly designed site and include tutorials and news related to the 4D Grupa activities. Due to the expected reach and faster growth of this new network, one of the most challenging spots was to develop a platform easy to enhance, always keeping the magic essence of the intuitive interface the client desired from its conception.

Bravelab’s solution


At Bravelab, we create a transparent process where communication between the client and our team is fluid and effective. We fully immerse ourselves in each project, so we can have a comprehensive understanding of the scope and establish the main objectives of the project:

  • Brief
  • Introduction call
  • Discovery Workshops
  • Integral Proposal
  • Decision

The values that guided us were indeed partnership and mastery. Thanks to that and our experience, we managed to fulfil the client’s expectations.

Scope of the work

  • Concept idea and research (by Jakub Szufnarowski / Dandelion).
  • User interface and platform design (by Jakub Szufnarowski / Dandelion).
  • Platform development.
  • Testing & launch.

Insight numbers

263 hours invested on app development.

Developers assigned to this project:

  • Paweł - Frontend
  • Jakub - Frontend
  • Konrad - Full stack
  • Bartosz - Frontend
  • Maciej - Frontend
  • Jakub - UX/UI Senior Designer


  • TypeScript
  • Sanity
  • Headless
  • Jamstack
  • Netlify
  • Gridsomejs
  • SSR

4D Grupa example website screens

What our team did

  • We prepared the entire site with a leading-edge modular system, which should allow us to build in the future any number of subpages representing the offer of cooperating construction companies. The key challenge was to simplify the search results by designing the search site focused on nearby companies.
  • Bravelab built a cutting-edge solution using Sanity, a unified content platform that powers better digital experiences. Sanity is a perfect mix of ease-to-use paired with the ability to customise almost anything the client needs.

  • The 4D Grupa platform was developed with Typescript. It allows us to build an innovative platform with strong static typing that makes it possible to find the right balance between flexibility and correctness.

4D grupa website sreen

"Making magic with Sanity"

“Sanity is simple to use CMS for a customer. Thanks to it, our client can modify each text on its website without developer support. Moreover, it's easy to use with Gridsome via GraphQL API, allowing me to create content for specific pages with accurate data.”


Bartosz - Developer / Bravelab

4D Grupa PC screen

A remarkable integration between design and development

The website required the implementation of unconventional and advanced animations. The challenge was to overcome the technical limitation by implementing tailored solutions. The interface was designed with the main intention to display all the information about the company associated with an interactive experience that allows users to discover 4D Grupa as an open and dynamic company.

CMS screen

An avant-garde UI solution

“4D Grupa platform was built on a rigorous grid; the site is very minimalistic and adapts optimally to the content thanks to a set of modules. Users can easily navigate through the site's content in a way that is both surprising and pleasant.”


Jakub - Senior Designer / Dandelion Studio + Bravelab

The result

A platform easy to use

  • We achieved a platform that is fast and easy to use. It does not need any maintenance. The website can now be a place to work together with wholesalers and has a simple and intuitive design. Our client has a site using the newest technology in programming and can do everything by himself.

  • By implementing the know-how section and tutorials, every user can gather knowledge about each aspect of the construction and choose the right offer.

  • A most significant advantage was to design the interface clean from one side, and the other side will be just the frame for presenting the partners offer which is on a very diverse visual level.
4D Grupa example mobile screens

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