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About ITKraków

ITKraków is a unique IT cluster that brings together dozens of companies and is involved in the development of new technologies. ITKraków associates founders, co-founders, entrepreneurs, managers, and business developers who want to cooperate and build valuable networking group.

About ITKraków
The idea behind ITKraków

The idea behind

The goal of ITKraków is to promote cooperation and exchange experiences between the companies from the IT industry in the local environment. ITKraków supports SME in searching for new technologies, business solutions, and expanding their professional connections.


ITKraków is not only an association. This is a group of people who have been working in the IT business for many years. These people want to share their experience, knowledge, and time to develop a better place for cooperation in IT projects.

Participants ITKraków


Shared values


Knowledge and inspiration


Trust and openess


Cooperation and reliability

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Business breakfast ITKraków

Business breakfast

Our breakfasts take place every two months. At breakfast, we share knowledge and experience on a specific topic, such as salary systems, communication, and more. We talk about our successes and failures, as well as discuss the challenges that we face every day.

Integration meetings ITKraków

Integration meetings

ITKraków is not only a formal structure. You can meet and talk about business in a more informal atmosphere. These meetings strengthen trust and help us to get to know each other better.

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