About Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo is a programming event based on simple rules - software developers with different experiences work in groups and face a specific challenge. After completing the task, participants present solutions, discuss the approach as well as the encountered problems. The last hour of the meetings, we spend on networking.

Software engineer solving the problem in web development
Software developers in Cracow getting together during the Coding Dojo to exchange their experience and knowledge

The idea behind

The idea was born after the meeting with the Coding Dojo Silesia’s convener, who inspired us to create the Coding Dojo group for developers in Cracow. We decided to conduct the cyclical meetings focused on Python and JavaScript language.

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02Facts and figures

Coding Dojo in numbers


5 events in 2020

In 2020 we planned 5 Coding Dojo events, which will focus on JavaScript or Python programming language


120 meetup members

We gathered more than 120 software developers on Coding Dojo Kraków meetup group


10 mentors

Our experienced mentors participate each event to help you find a way to accomplish the task



Coding Dojo Kraków is dedicated to software developers on every level of skill advancement. The event is organized by the Braveteam, who, as the mentors, will help you to overcome the problems which you might face while accomplishing the task.

People working on the software development challenge during the event Coding Dojo Kraków

Gain many benefits from participating in a Coding Dojo


Exchange knowledge


Develop your skills


Try new ideas and solutions


Work with experts


Make professional connections

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