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  • Payability - The Financial Toolkit for eCommerce Sellers.
  • Panther Pricing the price revolution
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If you are a regular or senior Python or JavaScript Developer, familiar or experienced with Django, GraphQL, Vue 3 & Tailwind, Amazon AWS, please check our latest projects below. If you find it interesting, drop us a CV and we will take it from there!

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E-commerce platform

based on /Saleor/

We are coding lots of integrations with external data providers. From a long-term perspective, we're going to create a multi-tenant platform to manage millions of orders.

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Revolutionary buyers' experience

A part of mobile banking apps

Integrating the Saleor with our Frontend


Shopping engine

that serves quality-only

results for effortless discovery

Not quite an aggregator, not quite a marketplace, project triple distills the internet’s shops for quality, purpose and value. We cut through the clutter so you can easily find the hard-to-find gems scattered across the internet. Quality first, always. Personalized and highly filterable on what matters to you. We deliver the thrill of discovering something new and the satisfaction of getting what you came for, every time.

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Decentralized Shopping Network (DSN)

Frontend - React, Backend - Python


A platform that turns

/apps into shopping destinations/

We are building an e-commerce platform based on the Saleor technology. There is two backend and four frontend developers working on it already and we look for someone to join them in this journey. Team's main task is to build core engine for the platform.

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Saleor Backend development

Integration with dozens of APIs

Vue3 & Tailwind CSS


Web platform

/for aggregation and translation/

of content from public roadcasters

Creating the first version of the platform for automatic content aggregation and translation with a recommendation box.

The system collects, translates, and provides thousands of articles, allowing broadcasters to improve their coverage and increase traffic on their websites.

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Handle a big volume of data

Created robust cloud (AWS)

Scalable and stable solution

Careers /opportunities/


  • “Not afraid of doing even the most difficult tasks and proposing innovative solutions. They don’t avoid challenges, rely on new technologies, and - most importantly - always carry the projects through from the beginning to the end.”

    Adam Bogdan
    Adam Bogdan Python Developer
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