Brave 3.0 – redesign process part 1. The Challenge

Two months ago we started the process of redesigning the website. Today we are sharing what we have learned on the way.

Wojtek Ryrych
Wojtek Ryrych
Nov. 12, 20195 min read
Brave 3.0 – redesign process part 1. The Challenge

What are the steps of redesigning process?

The process consisted of a few phases:

  • Research–where we are and who we are
  • Creating personas–deciding who are we communicating with
  • Shaping communication by establishing a tone of voice
  • Creating wireframes

In the end, we had all the necessary information to hire a design agency that created a new design for us.


Recently we have noticed a drop in requests for target technologies–Python and JavaScript. As the site was not updated for a long time, our first idea was to update the visuals. The content was not complete. The page did not tell things that we care about: values, how we work, and what we do. One can tell that we embodied The cobbler’s children way of life. Sad, but true. Soon, we realized that the new design will be done last. We started to dig deeper. Our goal was to transform the company into a focused software house from Krakow, Poland. The team responsible for the project analyzed numerous marketing and sales documents. We collected feedback from co-workers and target clients. Over 20 of them gave us feedback at different stages of the process. Their invaluable opinion helped us spot inconsistencies. To sum up, the research phase was the foundation for further steps.

In part two we’re sharing insight into our approach. You will learn how creating personas, voice of tone, and wireframes can smooth out the process of rebranding. 

Wojtek Ryrych
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Wojtek Ryrych

Frontend developer highly focused on UI/UX. He knows that clear and transparent communication is crucial in building an outstanding company culture.

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