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Bravelab is a service company located in Krakow. We create software for our clients by providing two types of services: conducting in-house projects from A to Z as well as working as a team extension by supporting the client's project team. One of Bravelab’s values is continuous learning. We decide which projects we want to take part in and with which clients to work, but we also jointly decide on the development of the company.

Our experience

We focus mainly on the foreign market – we have worked for clients from the USA, the Netherlands, Singapore, Great Britain, and Norway. We have carried out projects from various industries (which we currently consider to be a good way of work) in the field of event and ticketing, content distribution systems, SaaS platforms, and many others. We have been collaborating with start-ups, scaleups, software companies, and marketing agencies. In the future, we are planning to focus on a specific market, e.g. productivity tools.

A software developer providing the angularjs web development services
The team of developers from the custom software development company in Poland

Other activities

In addition to business tasks, we actively participate in events, conferences, and meetings with people from the IT industry. Every two months, we organize Coding Dojo in Krakow for about 40 people. On our social media profiles you can find more information about events, in which Bravelab actively takes part in.

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Plans for the future

Currently, our company is hiring 16 people and we are not planning rapid growth in the near future. "We believe that the development of each employee will cause the growth of the entire organization." In our work, we focus on Web Development with the emphasis on programming applications with Python/Django (Flask) and React.js. We believe that in the future focus on Python will have a positive impact on our company growth in terms of the development of AI or Data Science.

Frontend developers discussing the changes in the web development project during the coffee break

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